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from Mackenzie Marie, Owner of Dust Avengers

As a Neurodivergent "hoarder in recovery," I am all too familiar with the concept of feeling overwhelmed. In discovering my gift in pattern recognition and noticing every detail, I have made it my life purpose to help others. Sharing my passion for tidying, cleaning, decluttering and organizing in an effort to create more joy - and less annoy - in the homes, lives, and minds of my family, friends, and clients is what I was born to do.​​

Meet the Team

Dust Avengers is currently a solo one-woman operation.

As we expand, expect to see fresh faces in the section below!

Photo Mackenzie Rome Full Body_edited.jpg

Owner / Operator

Mackenzie Marie

Mackenzie's education in Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics built the foundation for her career in Experiential Marketing.


For more than 10 years, she worked to establish emerging Natural + Specialty food and beverage brands in the Portland Metro area.


She brings the learnings of her experience with her to Dust Avengers, as well as her own experience as a neurodivergent (ADHD + ASD1) hoarder in recovery.


Her passion for this transformative process, and a love for both cleaning and organizing, set her apart from others as she has walked in the same shoes as her clients.

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